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Posted: June 17, 2013

A New Recovery Plan

Bubba Rope Recovery Snatch Ropes Add New Technology To The Typical Tow Strap

By Trucking Times Staff

One popular accessory that most all truck and Jeep owners carry in their vehicles is a tow strap. While the familiar flat, nylon strap has been used for decades to pull a vehicles out of the mud, or snow, there has been some new technologies that have taken the tow strap to another level.

The latest is the Bubba Rope, manufactured by Certified Springs. This unique and new adaptation uses a rope with characteristics that allow it to expand and contract, much like a bungee cord. The technology was originally used in military applications where heavy cargo was lifted via helicopter. The idea was to use the rope's kinetic energy to aid in lifting or getting vehicles from their stuck position.
Certified Springs thought it could have a variety of other uses and began outfitting this military spec nylon rope to pull heavy equipment from construction sites. Since that time, the company has found it could be used for a variety of other purposes, including tow straps for pickup trucks and Jeeps.

The Bubba Rope tow/recovery strap is manufactured in the United States and consists of a 12-strand nylon core that is wound so that it stretches to provide a softer pull, but still maintain its overall strength. The nylon core is is covered with a nylon sheath that protects it from abraisions and chafing. It's also covered with the company's polymetric coating they call Gator-ize® that's made from synthetic fibers linked together and cured. This gives the Bubba Rope a protective shell that is water, UV, and abraision resistant, yet it won't reduce it's kinetic energy capabilities. 

Bubba Rope is available in a variety of sizes and widths that are applicable for Jeeps, heavy-duty pickup trucks, ATV's, and industrial sizes for bulldozers, and big-rigs. A typical Bubba Rope tow-strap for a full-sized pickup measures 1 3/4-inches in diameter and has a 52,300 pound pulling strength. A Jeep specific Bubba Rope (shown) is also now available and features a 3/4-inch diameter, 20-foot length, and has a 19,000 lbs. pulling strength.

The Bubba Rope comes in its own carrying sack and the Renegade model retails around $120. For more information, visit

310 W Melody Lane
Casselberry, FL 32707



The Bubba Rope easily attaches to any vehicle tow-hook or by use of a D-ring, to help pull vehicles out from mud or snow.








Bubba Rope uses knetic energy to help pull a vehicle out from it's stuck position and features the company's Gator-ized coating that makes it water, UV and abraision resistant.

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