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Tonneau Vision


Pickup trucks have been around in some form since the birth of the automobile in 1896. At first, early customizers modified cars by adding wooden cargo beds. Until 1925, when Ford rolled out the first actual pickup truck, the Model T Runabout. Dodge and Chevrolet followed suit. And the rest is history. But from the get-go, there was one challenge: how to cover and protect cargo. Oftentimes, tarps, canvas and other sturdy materials were tossed over the truck bed. As time went by, automakers came up with a tonneau cover. But unlike anything we’re accustomed to nowadays. The word

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Changes Beyond Our Control

David Herrmeyer Looks At Changes That Affected Our Industry


Continuing with my glimpse into the rear-view mirror, a good place to begin this installment is with a look at how changes that are beyond our control sometimes have either actual or potential consequences. A news story I ran across while perusing back issues of Trucking Times indicated a proposed rule by the NHTSA on limiting the center of gravity height on trucks and other vehicles. At the time, SEMA's chairman of the Suspension & Tire Committee said, “Virtually all sectors of the specialty accessories industry could be affected if the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration decides to unreasonably limit center of gravity height.” The NHTSA's proposed ruling was an effort to develop a rollover. . .

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