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Rough Country Ready


What makes a truck a versatile standout, muscular-looking and lifestyle friendly? Ask Hartmut Schroeder, president of SnugTop, and he’ll tell you the answer is the company’s all-new Outback truck cap, which he describes as the ultimate expression of rugged durability and innovative design. In creating the Outback, SnugTop drew on decades of experience building recreational and commercial fiberglass truck caps to develop a new generation of caps specifically for outdoor enthusiasts. Debuted at the 2013 SEMA Show, the Outback combines the heavy-duty durability of a commercial cap

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Spot Trucks Hauling Heavy Loads To Sell Unique Hitch Products

Identify your customer's needs to get them into the right towing products for their application


It's easy to identify work truck ownes, because they carry heavy tools in the bed and tow heavy trailers. Therefore, these truck owners are potential customers and can benefit from certain hitch products. Many work-trucks have to tow very heavy trailers that are often driven over uneven terrain to reach the work site. So it’s easy to spot a potential customer who might need a product like our SwayPro weight-distribution hitch to smooth out the ride. Any truck and trailer that is not riding level is a great way to spot a potential customer that you can help to provide a safer towing experience. Blue Ox has had great success with SwayPro in the RV market, but we recently launched it into the light-duty pickup truck. . .

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Sell Truck Equipment, Not Just Accessories, To Get Fleet Business

Bryan Baker of A.R.E. gives tips on getting more fleet business


One of the best ways to get additional work-truck and commercial fleet business is to speak their language. Set up an area of the showroom dedicated to work-truck-related products, such as toolboxes, commercial ladder racks, and of course commercial truck caps.  Advertise online with the key words "truck equipment" rather than just truck accessories, as that is the term most commercial/fleet buyers tend to use.  It’s also good to be involved in local organizations and with local municipalities. We try to see what many work-trucks and fleets are looking at fiberglass caps for their vehicles. For example, fiberglass is growing in popularity for commercial/fleet trucks. While our more traditional aluminum deluxe. . .

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Capitalize On The Benefits Of A Robust Economy

Nils Forssman, president of Truck Covers U.S.A. offers suggestions on how to gain more work-truck and fleet customers.


The recession had a direct effect on work-trucks. Renewal of fleets was delayed as well as accessorizing existing fleets. As the economy improves, we believe this segment will keep growing. A robust economy translates into an energized work force, which means fleet contracts will be renewed and will increase, while existing work-trucks will be upgraded with new equipment. Even with modest gains in construction in 2013, we saw substantial growth in the marketplace for work-trucks and fleets.  Our potential for growth is exceptionally high, because not only are we growing existing contracts, we’re also acquiring new customers all the time. Many of Truck Covers U.S.A’s products have always been directed towards owners of work-trucks, who have different needs. . .

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