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Shielded From Boredom

EGR Found A Way To Make Hood Shields, Window Visors, And Side Steps Cool


Most people don’t brag about their cool sport utility vehicle. But that doesn’t prevent SUV owners from adding aftermarket products such as a hitch, window visors, floor mats, and more, to help make their daily tasks with it a little easier. So with all the accessorizing, why couldn’t an SUV be something that’s both utilitarian and cool to drive? That’s what EGR North America, manufacturers of hood shields, side steps, and window visors, thought when it decided to build a 2012 SEMA show vehicle out of a Ford Edge. “SUVs aren't typically seen as sexy. They’re more like soccer mom vehicles,” says Tim Horwill, president of EGR North America. “We wanted to prove that we can make an. . .

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Jeep Deals

Cashing-In On The Exploding Jeep Accessory Market


If you haven’t already heard, Jeeps are one of the most accessorized vehicles on the market today. For truck accessory retailers, this can open up a new market segment that’s within easy reach. When truck accessory manufacturers saw this market open up, they quickly began developing and adding Jeep products to their line. "No doubt the Jeep market has been booming.” says Dan Kruzic of Dee-Zee. “Jeep has always had a very dedicated group of enthusiasts, but the addition of the four- door Wrangler has opened up a totally new market, making it more attractive as the family vehicle. Dee Zee has seen very good demand for steps and additional storage options." Other manufacturers found that the Jeep. . .

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The Clear Advantage

A Transparent Way to Grow Your Business With Paint Protection Film


Often referred to as PPF or clear bra, paint protection film has been around for decades.  Made of a clear thermoplastic urethane, the film is most commonly associated nowadays with protecting the leading edges of painted vehicle surfaces -- the hood, front fascia, rocker panels, door edges, and so forth. These are areas that are prone to damage from stone chips, bug splatter and other minor abrasions. But long before it gained mainstream popularity, it started out as a military application. According to Laura Kvistad, 3M’s senior marketing communications administrator, the company first introduced paint protection film in the 1960s to help protect helicopter blades from sand abrasion during the Vietnam War. The. . .

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Installing AMP’s Powerstep™ On Full-Size SUVs

How-To Install Power Retractable Steps To Customers With Full-Size SUVs


Your customers who have difficulty getting in and out of their full-size, sport utility vehicles are easy to spot. Many of them have luxury models or simply well-kept full-size vehicles that are used for daily transportation, but obviously have noticeable difficulty when getting in and out of it. Although some may see adding a powered retractable running board, like AMP Research’s PowerStep™, as a luxury item, the fact is, struggling to get in and out of an SUV can take its toll when done on a routine basis. Aside from having a retractable running board that hides under the vehicle’s rocker panel and has a 600 lb. capacity, the addition of a PowerStep™  has proven to be beneficial in helping the. . .

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